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Transform your operations with data that empower your team to maximise opportunities and delight customers.

ORLIG customer services

Features you’ll love:

crm broader view for better control

Broader view for better control

Having a macro view of your customer lifecycle means having enough information to make the right decision at the right time to serve customers better. 

Get more done with less effort

The goal is to make the most of every interaction with the least effort, and to route cases to the right people at the right time; both possible when you have usefully categorised data ready on screen. 

Get more done with less effort
crm make customers the priority

Make customers the priority

Personalise interactions by having a better understanding of your customers. Also handle important issues first, so you’ll never miss opportunities to serve clients as soon as possible. 

Positive teams, happier customers

Empower your team with actionable data that makes work a breeze, they are more likely to deliver positive vibes to customers. What’s more, our system also comes with innovative tools for culture building and behavior change.

Positive teams, happier customers

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dashboard customer journey

Get the ORLIG CRM Advantage


Optimise customer lifecycle 

View progression through marketing, sales and service funnels. The macro view helps highlight areas to improve. 

single platform advantage

Single consolidated platform

Enterprise-wide cost-effective platform lets you to track, manage and improve customer journey throughout the lifecycle.

Bring system & people together

Bring system & people together

Our gamification platform helps organisations shape the service culture needed to empower teams and deliver unique customer experiences.


Monitor anywhere, anytime

Our mobile-enabled intelligent dashboard lets you make informed decisions on the move and react to operational challenges instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a convenient system that helps companies maintain meaningful relationships with customers. This is made easy via a host of automated functions such as sales pipeline tracking, forecasting and records of all interactions. Typically, the system is available as a SaaS application or can be deployed on-premise.

Yes, our system comes ready with a Knowledge Base, allowing you to register information and automatically trigger them when required.

Yes, you can customise your survey and automate a recovery process for the survey as well.

Yes, Service Level Agreements and Operational Level Agreements are bundled in as part of the package. Service Level Agreement is automated and linked to the request, and it is then linked automatically to the Operation Level Agreement, to trigger work processes.

ORLIG lets you update the contract details and helps you to also automate reminders to respective team members and clients.

Yes, our digital job sheet is linked to the customer service request and it also supports the manual job sheet sequence.

Is your customer services team getting sufficient IT support?

ORLIG IT Service Management (ITSM) incorporates best-practice principles to create game-changing IT teams, ready to go beyond daily fire-fighting and deliver enhanced customer service. 

orlig it service management